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2018 annual conference of China aluminum processing industry was successfully held in Foshan
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Abstract: [aluminum plus] provides solid theoretical foundation for the production, teaching and research of aluminum processing.

Sponsored by China non-ferrous metal processing industry association, the "2018 annual conference of China aluminum processing industry", organized by the Guangdong non-ferrous metals Association, aluminum processing Specialized Committee and the Foshan Nanhai District aluminum industry association, was held in the South China Sea, Foshan in June 26th. The conference invited the relevant leaders and experts, the leaders of the industry associations, the representatives of enterprises, the scientific research institutions of universities and other 800 people in the aluminum processing industry chain.


Chen Quanxun, secretary and President of the Party committee of the China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association, attended the opening ceremony of the conference. The deputy director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Yu Wei, deputy secretary of the Foshan Municipal Committee of Guangdong Province, mayor Zhu Wei, director of the aluminum processing Specialized Committee of the Guangdong non-ferrous metal society and the aluminum profile industry association of the South China Sea District, Foshan Lu Jiyan, the director of the expert committee, made a speech. The vice president of the China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association, the Standing Committee of the Foshan municipal Party committee and the Secretary of the South China Sea District Committee, Huang Zhihao, the Standing Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal Committee of Shandong and the Minister of the United Front Qin Cunhua, the Secretary of the Foshan municipal government, Mao Yong Tian, deputy research fellow of the development and research center of the State Council, Jiang Yu, Deputy Secretary General of the China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association, Dai Shan and section The leader, such as de Bing, was invited to attend. Fan Shunke, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, presided over the opening ceremony.


Zhu Wei, deputy secretary of the Foshan municipal Party committee of Guangdong Province, first addressed the mayor, and mayor Zhu expressed that Foshan, as an important manufacturing base in the country and a famous agglomeration area of aluminum industry, has established a complete industrial chain which covers production, technology, logistics, exhibition, information exchange and international cooperation platform. There are more than 200 industries, with an annual extrusion capacity of about 4600000 tons, accounting for more than 25% of the national counterparts. Zhu Wei said that governments at all levels have vigorously supported the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, such as aluminum material and other advantages, towards intelligent manufacturing and highlighting product quality advantages. He hoped that Foshan enterprises should fully grasp the opportunity of this year's meeting, assimilate new theories, new technologies and new technologies, and build the industry of new technology and the craftsman spirit and build the industry. New ecology, promote industrial chain and value chain to the high-end development, promote the new steps of Foshan aluminum material, and make new contributions to the national economic development of Foshan and the whole province.


Lu Jiyan, director of aluminum processing Specialized Committee of Guangdong nonferrous metals society, said in his speech that this year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. With the deepening of reform and opening up, a large number of private enterprises in the South China Sea have surged into the South China Sea, forming a giant industrial group in the South China Sea of Foshan, forming an industrial pillar enterprise in the South China Sea of Foshan, which is gradually occupying the discourse power in China and in the field of the world's technology. However, China's aluminum industry will be further developed, the country's "along the way" strategy, the promotion of aluminum application of the Association for the national aluminum processing enterprises have brought huge market benefits. It is hoped that the aluminum processing enterprises in the whole country will adopt new technologies, implement new technologies, equip new equipment, eliminate toxic and harmful processes, and realize green technology in an all-round way. The raw and secondary materials in the production process are reused and recycled, and the production process realizes the green process to create green products. Under the banner of general secretary Xi Jinping's new era, he has carried out brilliant reforms and opening up for 40 years. Efforts should be made to work hard to meet the people's desire for a better life as the foothold of scientific and technological innovation, to seize the big trend, to make a good "chess game" and to seize the peak of the industry.


Yu Wei, the deputy director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that the aluminum industry in China has developed rapidly, and the application of aluminum materials continues to expand, but there are also problems and challenges such as the surplus of low-end products, the insufficient supply of high-end products and the intensification of international trade friction, and the industry needs to be further adapted to the new situation and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. This conference, combined with the new situation and characteristics of the aluminum processing industry, helps the industry to strengthen cooperation and develop together. In the next step, the Ministry of industry and information will work on promoting the high quality development of the industry and creating a fair competition market, promoting the expansion of the application of the aluminum processing industry, vigorously developing intelligent manufacturing, improving the level of green development, deepening international cooperation and so on, and urging the down and down cooperation mechanism of the aluminum material on the civil aircraft. We will set up a demonstration platform for new energy vehicle production and application, and promote the construction of lightweight manufacturing innovation centers.


In his speech, Chen Quanxun pointed out that as the forefront of China's reform and opening up, Guangdong has opened the curtain of the vigorous development of the aluminum processing industry on the hot land of the South China Sea. Today, the aluminum processing industry in the South China Sea has played an important role in making the brand, leaving the country and becoming the most important and most famous aluminum processing industry base in China. I hope and believe that the Nanhai aluminum processing industry will continue to rely on its own advantages and strive to walk in the forefront of the new era, in order to promote the development of China's aluminum processing industry, realize the three major changes, and play a new model leading role.

President Chen said that in the next few years, it is the key stage of China's aluminum processing industry to be strengthened, and it is also the key period for the industry to turn from high speed to high quality. He put forward several hopes for the aluminum processing industry. First, we must firmly establish the "three first" consciousness and comprehensively promote the development of high quality industries. Two, we should focus on key areas and necks, and strive to solve the short board of industrial development. Three, we should strengthen communication and exchanges, avoid disorderly competition and actively deal with trade frictions. Four, we must continue to expand our application and continue to step up to a new level on the basis of effective results.



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